The Advantages of Having Your Windows Replaced

There are so many wonderful advantages to updating your home's windows and doors in the Seattle region that it's difficult to list them all here. It is our intention with this portion of our website to assist you in breaking down three major categories of replacement benefits that can be beneficial to you and your property. You can find some of the most compelling arguments for replacing your windows and doors in your home mentioned below.

Increase Your Winter Comfort
Independent research and real-world experience have demonstrated that replacing your old drafty windows, particularly those that are single pane, can increase your home's ability to maintain a warmer interior temperature by as much as 50%. Window frames that are Energy Star rated nowadays are created with cutting-edge technology that combines energy-efficient frames with high-performance glass packages to create a window that is energy efficient. Would you like to come home to a warm and welcoming environment this winter?

Increase Your Summer Comfort
Energy Star rated windows provide very tangible benefits against the sun during the hot summer months, which are sometimes overshadowed by their ability to keep a house warm in the winter. Energy Star rated windows provide very tangible benefits against the sun during the hot summer months. Yes, we understand that a hot summer in the Pacific Northwest may seem like an oxymoron, but when the weather gets warm here in the Great Northwest, it may be unbearably hot in your home. And, on those hot summer days, the majority of us are without the luxury of air conditioning. When you install high-performance replacement windows in your home, you may lower the amount of solar heat gain into your home (yep, you got it!) by as much as 50%. Consider having a beautiful, cool, and comfortable temperature in your home while the temperature outside is 80 degrees.

Increase the curb appeal of your home.
It is possible to have an instant and dramatic influence on the exterior of your home by replacing your windows and/or doors. With our extensive collection of window and door goods, you can find something to match your home's style, whether it's contemporary or conventional in design. Additionally, with the numerous external and interior trim packages that we have available, your windows and doors can have an even greater impact on the overall appearance of your home's exterior. Would you like to learn more about how to increase the curb appeal of your home?

Low Maintenance Requirements
Products such as new windows and doors are created to be low-maintenance in nature. For example, vinyl frames will never require painting, and fiberglass frames are intrinsically sturdy, allowing their factory paint to remain intact for the duration of the frame's life. Many of the hardware systems for windows and doors are composed of sturdy die-cast zinc or stainless steel materials that have been put through thousands upon thousands of cycle testing to ensure that they will last for years in your home. As a result, several window manufacturers now provide a complete lifetime warranty to the original homeowner, which includes coverage for both labor and materials. Wouldn't you like your windows and doors to provide you with that kind of peace of mind and low-maintenance?

Increase the safety of your home.
Your home's security is enhanced with new windows and doors. Everything that we make available to you has been tested for forced entry by the AAMA, which is an independent national certification authority for the window and door sector (American Architectural Manufacturers Association). Further to this, many of our windows and doors now include multiple-point locking systems, which make it virtually impossible to break through the lock. Would you be interested in seeing some instances of this?

Sound Transmission should be minimized.
Another benefit of modern windows and doors that is frequently ignored is their capacity to minimize sound transmission. Noise can be produced at a variety of frequencies and from a variety of sources. Controlling sound transmission is becoming increasingly crucial as the population density continues to rise year after year. In the same way that windows and doors are the weakest link in your building envelope in terms of energy transmission, they are also the weakest link in your building envelope in terms of sound control. Would you be interested in learning about some of your options for minimizing sound control in your new windows and doors? Contact us today.

It is beneficial to the environment.
Whether you believe in the greenhouse effect or not, or whether you believe that our environment is on the verge of a catastrophic collapse, changing your inefficient windows and doors has a good impact on our planet and its inhabitants. When you are able to use less energy to heat and cool your home, you are using fewer natural resources and lowering the processing of those resources, both of which are harmful to our environment when used in excess. Would you like to learn more about how new windows and doors might benefit our environment? Contact us today.

Energy bills are being reduced.
Unfortunately, those of us who own or rent homes must pay to heat and cool our residences. In addition, it is unfortunate that external windows and doors are the weakest link in the building envelope when it comes to allowing heat and cold to pass through. Your heating and cooling expenditures can be reduced by more than 25% if you swap out your old, inefficient windows and doors for new, more energy-efficient ones. In the face of growing energy prices, the monetary savings may be even bigger. Wouldn't it be lovely to have a few additional dollars per month that you could put to good use?

Obtaining a Return on Investment (ROI)
Which windows and doors should I upgrade and what is the expected return on my investment? This is a question that many of our clients have asked us in the past. Several sources say that the return on investment can vary from 80 percent to 90 percent, and several reports indicate that window replacement projects rank among the top 5 most profitable projects in terms of return on investments.

Value as a resale
More and more home buyers are paying special attention to the condition of a property's external envelope while making a purchase. In many ways, the energy efficiency of your home is becoming as important as other aspects of your home, such as the layout of your kitchen or the comfort of your master bedroom. As energy costs continue to rise, more and more home buyers are considering the quality of the windows and doors when making their purchasing selections. As competition for home buyers increases, renovating the outside of your home by installing an Energy Star window can help distinguish your property from others on the market.